The Governator Warned Us- “I’ll Be Back”

Arnie was not joking when he uttered that famous line from the Terminator movie, “I’ll Be Back.” But who would ever have imagined he would end up becoming one of the world’s biggest mover and shakers on the political stage, let alone Governor of California? I wonder how much of his political clout rests on his reputation as The Terminator, and muscle man action hero? It has lead to a new turn of phrase, The Governator.

We would never have envisaged such an unlikely candidate emerging as a legend in the world political arena. Arnie has bravely flaunted the system and congress by taking the beast by the horns and introducing an across the board state law that governs all business and new industry to strictly adhere to a new Environmental Mandate that will reduce California’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 80% by 2050. He has introduced new carbon trading goals and is actively lobbying other states and Nations to follow his lead, including Australia and Britain. Only one of our State Leaders, however, Steve Bracks of Victoria has visited with Arnie and sought his expertise in implementing the Climate Change Initiative. Following advice and instruction from The Governator, who will act as a partner/mentor in a new trans global pact called a MOU, Memorandum of Understanding, we will see Victoria emerge as the Australian Leader in the steps taken towards reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Hopefully the rest of our State Leaders will follow the Initiative, as appears to be the case in the US already, with a new political Agreement, between the Governator and five other State Leaders developing a coalition called Western Regional Climate Action Initiative, with others lining up to join. This action HAS to finally induce the Federal Governments to act as the political pressure from the States and public demand increases. The impetus for the creation of this coalition has come about as it becomes increasingly obvious that the Bush Administration, just as it is here with the Howard Government, are doing very little in regard to addressing Climate Change threats. The aim of the Coalition is to follow the lead from Arnie, as has already been implemented in California, which is to name a few:

*Standardize a system of measuring Greenhouse Gas Emissions across all states.

*Set goals for emission reduction benchmarks and establish a “cap and trade” marketplace for carbon trading.

*Promote the use of Renewable Energy Resources and invest and develop new technologies to develop new renewable energy sources and industries.

Arnie is also in consultation with British politicians to join the push. The Agreement planned between Bracks and Arnie, with California acting as a guide and mentor, is for the Premier to enact similar laws and policies for Victoria. An action that will hopefully give shove to the other State Leaders in Australia into a similar coalition and our own Federal Leaders be beaten into submission or better action in regard to Climate Change Policies. It will be interesting to see how long it takes the Federal Governments to “get with the program”. They surely cannot continue to ignore the leaders of State and if they do so, are only going to end up committing political suicide, which is already fast becoming an issue for the Howard Government.

Victoria will follow the points outlined above as well as introduce clean technologies and;

*Help communities to adapt to Climate Change

*Develop energy efficient “green” building standards

*Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the transport sector.

*Introduce energy and water saving efficiency standards for all Victorian homes. 20,000 existing homes and offices now run on solar power.

*Introduce a Mandate for all energy retailers to purchase 10% renewable energy by 2016.

*Cut the State’s power bill by 15% and develop energy efficient projects to be implemented across the board.

Victoria’s 500 largest Greenhouse Gas Emitters are to save more than 1 million tonnes of emissions per year and reduce the Energy bill by $34 Million per year.

The Terminator HAS come back to life, this time in REAL life as an advocate of change and hero for Climate Change Initiatives he has introduced in California. By way of offering his experience and support in regard to these changes to other Nations and States, Arnie is quickly emerging as a hard hitter in the political arena. His lead by example is gathering momentum and will eventually effect change across the Globe.

As for our own Steve Bracks follow-on initiative for the State of Victoria, this is not a bad start for Australia. Now if all the other State Leaders and Federal Politicians finally get the idea that the issue is not about party politics but necessary survival, we might finally be able to breathe a little easier in regard to the issues we feel we have no control over in light of Climate Change concerns, not just on a National level, but Globally. We have a lot to thank the “Governator” for. It is a pity he cannot run for the Presidency!